EW reviews Collector's Editions DVDs -- We take a closer look at new versions of ''Day After Tomorrow,'' ''I, Robot,'' and ''Man on Fire''

EW reviews Collector’s Editions DVDs

Just months after consumers shelled out good money for the debut DVDs, Fox is hawking two-disc Collector’s Editions of 2004’s Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot, and Man on Fire as Father’s Day gifts, complete with a free theater ticket to its upcoming Fantastic Four. For loyal fans who were hoodwinked, it is ”clobberin’ time,” indeed. But bitterness aside, the special editions do offer some sweet extras: Robot coscreenwriter Jeff Vintar’s brief history of sci-fi lit, from Mary Shelley to Isaac Asimov, is illuminating. If the climactic dialogue of DAT seemed wooden, that might be because the film’s composer helped write it, according to the surprisingly blunt, Project Greenlight-inspired making-of, ”Two Kings and a Scribe,” which also catches exhausted director Roland Emmerich admitting that the CG effects have ”like five clunkers in there.” Plus, the 60-minute featurette on the dangers of global warming will have you writing your congressman and buying a Prius. Meanwhile, the MOF deleted scenes show a multitude of plot paths not taken, including a consummated romance between Denzel Washington and Radha Mitchell, and a fiery alternative ending. Collectors will be pleased, but they would’ve been more pleased if they’d waited till now to purchase.

I, Robot
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