By Timothy Gunatilaka
Updated March 17, 2020 at 02:47 AM EDT

Golf-ball bear hunting, Wisconsin ear wiggles, and a superhero sidekick who’s more Waldo than Marvel comic idol — Nickelodeon’s suburban farce, The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Season One, about two siblings named Pete (the younger a salty troublemaker, the older a romantic observer of domestic inanities) possesses the oddball charm that drives current cult faves Arrested Development and Scrubs. Highlights of this eight-ep set: the insomniac’s bedtime protest in ”The Nightcrawlers,” the shop-class horror pastiche of ”Tool and Die,” and long-gone indie band Polaris’ dreamy theme song. EXTRAS Four specials and two shorts that launched the series. Commentary by the creative team recognizes that cynics may be unnerved by the quirky adults hanging around (the manic bus driver, the spandex-clad superhero), but it’s that whimsy that makes this dorky gem so endearing.