William Shatner
Credit: William Shatner: Kelly A. Swift/Retna

Actors Who Sing: William Shatner

MOST RECENT ALBUM Has Been, 2004 [Previous album: The Transformed Man, 1968]

SOUNDS LIKE… A lighter take on Henry Rollins’ spoken-word records, with music ranging from easy listening to doo-wop.

THE LOWDOWN We all got some laughs from the former Captain Kirk’s version of ”Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” on Transformed Man, but Has Been showed us Shatner’s darker side. With a little help from collaborator and producer Ben Folds and a guest appearance by Aimee Mann on the haunting ”That’s Me Trying,” Shatner beamed himself up from Beatle butcher to true artist.

MEMORABLE LYRIC ”Has been implies failure/ Not so/ Has been is history/ Has been was/ Has been might again” (”Has Been”)

DOWNLOAD THIS ”Trying” is good enough to be on one of Ben Folds’ solo albums. (But if you’ve never heard Shatner’s ”Lucy,” find it ASAP. Your jaw will drop.)