Robert Downey Jr.
Credit: Robert Downey Jr.: UPI/HO/NewsCom

Actors Who Sing: Robert Downey Jr.

ALBUM The Futurist, 2004 (EW Grade: D)

SOUNDS LIKE… Piano by Bruce Hornsby, voice by second-rate Tom Waits imitator. Ugh.

THE LOWDOWN The lyrics on Futurist are introspective (perhaps they were inspired by Downey’s countless trips through rehab?), but EW wasn’t exactly moved: ”Unfortunately, this dribbly effort lands him in the same category as Don Johnson circa 1987… Downey displays neither a supple voice nor the ability to at least keep the beat.” Ouch.

MEMORABLE LYRIC ”Mirror takes a look at my face/ I’ll never set foot in that rat hole again.” (”Man Like Me”)

DOWNLOAD THIS While his cover of the Yes tune ”Your Move” doesn’t match the original by any means, it’s the best track on the album.