Ruben Studdard, "A Whole New World"
Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Ruben Studdard made our all-time ”Idol” Top 10

Song ”Superstar”

Date Feb. 11, 2003 (season 2)

Why We Remember There will always be fans who believe Ruben should have played runner-up to Clay, and certainly the Velvet Teddy Bear’s post-victory recordings (”Sorry 2004” — just sorry) haven’t won him any converts. But in today’s world of histrionic pop ballads, there’s something to be said for a beautiful song delivered with straightforward simplicity. With his soulful rendition of this classic Carpenters’ tune, Ruuuuben began his own journey to superstardom that took him right to the Idol finals (pictured here) and beyond.