John Stevens
Credit: JOHN STEVENS: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

John Stevens made our all-time ”Idol” Top 10

Song ”Crocodile Rock”

Date April 6, 2004 (season 3)

Why We Remember Don’t all gasp at once. Every Idol fan knows the show should be enjoyed — at least partially — the same way you might view A Nightmare on Elm Street: cringing behind a pillow and watching the bloodshed. When the Little Redhead Who Couldn’t attempted to hit the falsetto ”la-da-da-da-da” of Elton John’s rollicking ditty, each note sounded as if it had come through a paper shredder. Brilliant in its awfulness, Stevens’ ”Crocodile Rock” was the emperor standing naked in front of 25 million viewers: completely unforgettable.