Elliott Yamin: Ray Mickshaw
May 19, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Elliott Yamin made our all-time ”Idol” Top 10

Song ”A Song for You”

Date April 25, 2006 (season 5)

Why We Remember Okay, so it’s not all that hard to move Paula Abdul to tears — but getting Simon Cowell to compare your performance to ”a vocal masterclass,” that takes something beyond special, which is exactly how we’d describe Yamin’s flawless rendition of Donnie Hathaway’s classic. With his crooked smile and aw-shucks demeanor, Yamin was dogged by doubters throughout his Idol run, but for one night in the show’s terrific fifth season, ”A Song for You” made him a superstar. Alas, a nation of Yaminions is still waiting for a major label to get hip to that fact. Somebody, get this guy a record deal!

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