Bo Bice, American Idol
Credit: BO BICE: Fox

Bo Bice made our all-time ”Idol” Top 10

Song ”In a Dream”

Date May 17, 2005 (season 4)

Why We Remember Talk about cojones! Late in Idol‘s fourth season, when viewers knew things were coming down to a photo finish between country gal Carrie Underwood and Bice, the shaggy Alabama rocker set down the mic stand and delivered a searing a capella rendition of ”In a Dream,” a little-known ballad by Badlands. Sure, Bice (shown here during Broadway week) ultimately took home the silver — and his sales haven’t come close to Underwood’s multiplatinum heights — but it’s impossible to forget (and it’d be criminal not to applaud) his bold artistic choice, which doubled as a nod to Idol‘s accompaniment-free audition rounds.