Don't Eat This Book

Don't Eat This Book

Just when you figured it was safe to scarf fries again, human guinea pig Morgan Spurlock offers Don’t Eat This Book, another stomach-turning exposé of the American diet. Aimed at scrutinizing fast food beyond Mickey D’s, this slapdash follow-up to the director’s Oscar-nominated Super Size Me applies his uncanny ability to produce simple factual nuggets after digesting complex stats on the USDA’s food pyramid, school lunches, and other topics distasteful to his ”tree-hugging green queen” fiancée. He also stages his own proudly unscientific experiments, such as waiting for a covered jar of McFries to rot (freakishly, they never do). Funny Stuff. Still, Don’t Eat is narrated in an often obnoxious tone and is overly dependent on outside research, and Spurlock’s ”benevolent muckracking” lacks the gravitas of Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation and other weightier foodie investigations.

Don't Eat This Book
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