Team America: World Police
Credit: TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE: Paramount/Everett Collection

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone make movies no one else would, like Team America: World Police, a marionette musical that follows an ”elite” commando force battling, in no particular order: the threat of a Kim Jong Il-sponsored worldwide terrorist attack, the misguided members of the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G.), and the Jerry Bruckheimer school of action-movie clichés. (Yes, America is the only nation smart enough to solve the world’s problems and nothing beats a montage. Well, save a sex scene between two wooden actors — extended here to include showers both golden and of a darker color.)

EXTRAS We might have traded the test footage, deleted/extended scenes, and outtakes for a (tragically missing) trademark drunken commentary from Parker and Stone, but the nine behind-the-scenes featurettes are keepers. The duo — joined by their crew, including Matrix cinematographer Bill Pope and Independence Day pyro Joe Viskocil — reveal their laborious process, attention to detail (the Panama Canal set foliage is made of pot leaves), and newfound respect for Bruckheimer. ”As much as we rip on his movies,” Parker says, after referring to him as ”a turd” who doesn’t realize he produces comedies, ”the dude can do some action.”

Team America: World Police
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  • 98 minutes