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Credit: AMARCORD: The Everett Collection

What film marked a shift in the way you viewed movies?

What film marked a paradigm shift in the way you viewed movies? — Michael
As a teenager in the mid-’70s, I went to see my very first foreign film, Federico Fellini’s Amarcord. At the time, I hardly thought of movies in terms of directors; I had never even heard of Fellini. Yet as I watched his nostalgic tale of a small town in Italy, every character on screen — the selfish, the noble, the horny, the romantic — was bathed in so much affection that it was as if I were seeing the world in a new way. There were no heroes or villains: just people to look at and laugh at and love. Carried aloft by Nino Rota’s music (only later would I realize that it was the most exquisitely wistful of all film scores), Amarcord touched a universal chord of ”home,” and in doing so it awakened me to the notion that a movie itself could become a kind of home.

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