Taking pop culture's temperature -- We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment news

100F Family Guy finally becomes a hit; maybe The Wire should try to get on Adult Swim.

80F Writer-director Paul Haggis segues from Oscar fave Million Dollar Baby to great reviews for Crash.

60F With Spamalot‘s 14 Tony nominations, director Mike Nichols could be headed for a seventh win.

40F Bertelsmann to acquire CD seller Columbia House. America involuntarily acquires more Dave Koz.

20F You can’t send an elf to do a man’s job: Kingdom of Heaven‘s Orlando Bloom is no Russell Crowe.

0F Et tu, Tony? Broadway’s biggest awards snub: Denzel Washington’s Julius Caesar.

-20F Question for the creators of Revelations: What does the Bible say about falling ratings?

-40F Delayed Mission: Impossible 3 sheds Scarlett Johansson and Carrie-Anne Moss. Enter the Fannings?