In a South Park episode that nicked everything from Day After Tomorrow to The Core, Eric Cartman (voiced by co-creator Trey Parker) warns City Hall of a perfect storm of tie-dyed music lovers descending on South Park. ”We’re looking at a full-blown hippie jamfest the size of which we’ve never seen,” he mutters, lit in the glow of his PowerPoint presentation. The episode, so scornful of the average cynical blockbuster, almost shamed me out of my fondness for crap movies.

South Park also displays a deft (if comedic) approach to bigger issues. An episode featuring the battle over a brain-dead Kenny took knives to the Terri Schiavo brouhaha: ”His soul is still in here!” insists a doctor. ”…Almost trapped in here.” A story lampooning plastic surgery jabbed a related button. Stan’s dad, believing he was born for the life aquatic, gets a dolphin-oplasty, complete with flippers. Ridiculous, in the best sense — and topped with the precious phrase, ”that dolphin has my scrotum.” But barbed questions surface like the spit from a man-fish’s blowhole. With medicine giving us boundless freedom to alter ourselves, when will we be satisfied? Can’t wait to hear the boys’ opinion on sperm sorting as a means of gender selection! Because you know they’ve got one.

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