The misleading title of this four-episode DVD (Bart Wars) had us all set to see our favorite cartoon family send up our favorite galactic family in preparation for the final installment of the Star Wars saga. But our lightsabers went limp when we realized that, except for a striking guest stint by Mark Hamill, this collection is simply your everyday Simpsons hilarity. There is a toe-tapping musical number, ”Luke Be a Jedi Tonight,” during a dinner-theater performance of Guys and Dolls, but mostly the Force is with a pricey vet visit for Santa’s Little Helper, Bart and Lisa conquering military school, and Christmas photo complications at the Try-N-Save. Nonetheless, it is still, as Mr. Burns would say, excelllllent. EXTRAS Before yellow skin, blue hair, and that famous ”D’oh!” are added, check out how Matt Groening and Co. put it all together with storyboards and sketches. Cowabunga!