The opinionated ''Idol'' judge tells us what he loves

IDOL Fantasia. ”I saw her three weeks ago and there was no divaness. You always get emotion from her, that she’s happy to be there. I love her to death.”

BOOKDisneyWar [by James B. Stewart] is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The lesson from that is when you’ve got talent like Jeffrey Katzenberg, you keep your talent. Don’t let ego get in the way.”

TV SHOW The Michael Jackson trial reenactments on E! ”You could only do this show in America.”

MUSIC Il Divo. ”After being such a big mouth on American Idol, I had to prove a point that I actually do this as my day job. It was a big deal to debut at No. 4 on the [Billboard] charts. If it had gone wrong, it would have been very embarrassing.”