Now that season 4 has made its last rounds (the finale aired May 10), fans of NBC’s hilarious but ratings-challenged medical comedy can revisit newbie resident J.D. (Zach Braff) and his ragtag band of hospital co-workers in their sitcom infancy with Scrubs: The Complete First Season. Back in the day, the adventures were even more surreal: Whip sounds accompanied head turns, the taunting janitor (Neil Flynn) was a nagging figment of J.D.’s imagination, and Jimmie ”Dy-no-mite!” Walker appeared at random intervals. EXTRAS The theme song’s music video — directed by breakout star Braff — is included here, along with the obligatory cast interviews in an entertaining making-of. (When Braff got the part, he called his mom, his dad, and the manager of the restaurant where he waited tables to say that he quit.) In the audio commentary, self-critical creator Bill Lawrence (Spin City) points out inconsistencies and the attractiveness of the female cast members (wife Christa Miller Lawrence happens to be a recurring guest star) and then squirms with ”quiet self-loathing.”