Predicting future oddball celeb couples -- We pair up Elton John with Michael Jackson, Andre 3000 with Lucy Liu, and Kristy Swanson with Christian Slater

Last fall Katie Holmes told Seventeen magazine she dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise when she was a little girl. Country singer Kenny Chesney once based a song (”You Had Me From Hello”) on new bride Renée Zellweger’s Jerry Maguire catchphrase. See, you sleepy dreamers? Wishes do come true! We dug up a few other potential couples, based on reported crushes.

Alicia Silverstone and Luke Perry/Assorted Baldwins

In Clueless, Silverstone’s Cher calls cute boys ”Baldwins,” and is saving herself for Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Perry. Nonspecific sibling reference and resulting large margin of error aside, we vote for the former Dylan McKay. They can share hair products.

Andre 3000 and Lucy Liu/Beyoncé Knowles

After imploring all women to shake it (etc.) in ”Hey Ya!” the OutKast singled out the Destiny’s Child and Charlie’s Angel for special attention. Unless Andre’s prepared to take on Jay-Z (rap battle!), we recommend pursuing the latter.

Kristy Swanson and Christian Slater

As the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in the 1992 movie), all Swanson wants is to ”graduate from high school, move to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die.” We, like Donald Sutherland, are unimpressed. Still, girl’s gotta follow her heart.

Elton John/Michael Jackson and Billie Jean King

Elton allegedly wrote ”Philadelphia Freedom” about the tennis star. Jackson wrote ”Billie Jean” about someone. Maybe it’s best not to dwell on this.