EW recommends Coldplay, Sleater-Kinney, Madvillain, and Maximo Park

The ”Speed of Sound” is roughly 761 mph, which is the rate at which this COLDPLAY song will burrow into your consciousness. The piano-driven track is the first single from their upcoming album, X&Y. ITUNES.COM

This blistering jam from SLEATER-KINNEY will not only ”Entertain” you, it’ll tear your arms and legs off with its pulse-pounding rock & roll. Figuratively speaking, of course. SUBPOP.COM

The songs of underground hip-hop duo MADVILLAIN, featuring MF Doom, are remixed by folktronica producer Four Tet on a new EP. Don’t miss the thumping version of ”Money Folder.” STONESTHROW.COM

With a blazing British swagger, newcomers MAXIMO PARK are on the verge of a Franz Ferdinand-style breakthrough, thanks to stompers like ”Graffiti.” Now they just have to land a spot on The O.C. BLEEP.COM/EW