Corey Clark dishes dirt in his new tell-all -- EW excerpts some juicy lines from the former Idol contestant's book

In Corey Clark’s new e-book, They Told Me to Tell the Truth, So. . .(The Sex, Lies and Paulatics of One of America’s Idols), the ex-Idol contender lets loose with wild revelations (see AI story, page 32). A few high — rather, low — lights.

· ”Clay, from Raleigh, was such a geek when he started. . . .It was funny to watch his transformation into this ‘I’m Clay Aiken, hear me roar’ thing and selling millions of records.” (page 97)

· ”Paula warned me. . .’You can’t tell anyone about this or I’ll make things very hard for you. I’m extending myself to help you, so don’t screw me or you’ll be sorry.”’ (page 81) (Abdul has essentially denied any wrongdoing.)

· ”And I’d like to set the record straight on two rumors about Trenyce, Kim Caldwell, and me. The tabloids claimed we had a three-way, something Simon repeats in his book. Trenyce and I did have sex, but it was one-on-one. Kim and I are just friends.” (page 98)