J. Lo and J. Fo will deliver a ''Monster'' hit. ''Monster-in-Law'' will easily knock ''Kingdom of Heaven'' from the top spot
Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, ...

With Kingdom of Heaven‘s disappointing U.S. debut last weekend, it’s now up to Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda to kick-start the summer box office.

The duo’s new comedy, Monster-in-Law, hits theaters this weekend, much to the delight of women and gay men everywhere. The combination of its guilty-pleasure plotline (woman and potential mother-in-law hate each other) and Fonda’s return to the big screen should result in an opening of $25 million.

Also premiering this weekend is Will Ferrell’s latest silly comedy Kicking & Screaming, in which he plays a crazed soccer dad. Fans of his unique brand of humor will turn up to the tune of $16 million.

Kingdom of Heaven, meanwhile, will see a 45 percent drop to $11 million, followed by the new Jet Li-Morgan Freeman thriller Unleashed with $9 million. Fifth place will go either to House of Wax or the long-delayed Christian Slater action flick Mindhunters, each of which should gross $6 million this weekend. Oh, Star Wars, where are you when we need you?

House of Wax
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