EW's May 11, 1990, issue: Remember when Paula Abdul was a pop-music queen, the Crypt-Keeper was HBO's biggest star, and rap was barely cracking the charts
Paula Abdul
Credit: PAULA ABDUL: The Everett Collection

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Paula Abdul’s Shut Up and Dance!
Singer. Dancer. Cheerleader. Choreographer. Tabloid target. Paula Abdul’s worn a lot of hats since she became a household name back in 1988, but she’s rarely been labeled a music innovator. That said, Abdul’s Shut Up and Dance! was one of the first breakout successes in the remix-album arena — helping to pave the way for J.Lo and Destiny’s Child. EW critic Greg Sandow couldn’t help but throw some love in Paula’s direction, calling her remixed tracks ”10 times trashier than the original songs — and 10 times as much fun.” (Read the review)