Steve Jones lists his 12 must-have CDs -- The former Sex Pistols guitarist urges you to snatch up albums by Caesars, David Bowie, Roxy Music, and more


1 CAESARS Paper Tigers 2005 (Astralwerks) ”Hip-sounding band worthy of attention. They’re also Swedish and have short hair — two good qualities.”

2 THE SEX PISTOLS The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle 1979 (EMI) ”It’s the only legit album put out by the Sex Pistols, and the soundtrack to the movie that’s about to be released for the first time on DVD [May 17]. Hey, at least I put it second instead of first.”

3 DAVID BOWIE The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars 1972 (Virgin) ”This album is what got me into music when I was a teenager. Every song is amazing.”

4 ROXY MUSIC Roxy Music 1972 (Virgin) ”I adored Roxy Music when I was 13. . . .I remember studying their photo for hours and wondering where they got their clothes.”

5 SUPERGRASS Supergrass Is 10: The Best of 94-04 2004 (Capitol) ”Great guys, great band, great walking-down-Carnaby Street music.”

6 KEN BOOTHE Crying Over You: Anthology 1963-1978 2001 (Trojan) ”An extraordinary early pop-reggae artist with the sweetest voice.”

7 CLIFF RICHARD The Whole Story: His Greatest Hits 2004 (EMI) ”England’s version of Elvis. People think he’s a nerd because he [hardly] drank or anything, but his voice warms me cockles. Reminds me of a more innocent time. [Sighs]”

8 BILLY FURY The Billy Fury Hit Parade 1982 (London) ”Another ’50s guy. He was a teen idol who would come out from the curtain shy and feeble and drive the teenage girls wild.”

9 THE FACES A Nod Is as Good as a Wink. . .to a Blind Horse 1971 (Warner Bros.) ”Another legendary band who made great music, had great style, and liked to drink and have a good time. Rod Stewart’s raspy voice is fantastic. This is their best album.”

10 QUEEN Queen 1973 (Hollywood) ”Queen were completely original. ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ and ‘Liar’ are two songs that make this album a must.”

11 THE WEDDING PRESENT Take Fountain 2005 (Manifesto) ”This is a somewhat new band that sounds like they can actually play their instruments instead of copping out and using Pro Tools like everybody else.”

12 MORRISSEY You Are the Quarry 2004 (Sanctuary/Attack) ”You either love or hate him — and I love him.”