EW pays homage to the Raveonette's Xmas obsession -- We take a closer look at four places where it's Christmas every day

By Samantha Xu
Updated May 09, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

In round 3 of ”Fives Rounds with the Raveonettes,” vocalist-guitarist Sune Rose Wagner copped to an obsession with the holiday season. He’s not the only one! Below, a few locales where it’s Christmas every day.

St. Nick’s Knife Factory (Foley, Ala.)

Where lovers of pointy blades and pointy hats can come together (but not in an S&M sort of way). Nick’s will even commemorate the occasion with a fancy engraved jackknife.

Mary Elizabeth Hopkins Santa Claus Museum (Columbus, Tex.)

The 2,000- plus dolls and pictures at this attraction are as merry as they are creepy. Good thing the museum is 578 miles from that Knife Factory.

Santa’s Workshop theme park (North Pole, N.Y.)

Visitors flock to the 56-year-old Workshop (which purports to be the U.S.’s first theme park) for one main attraction: Santa’s 6-foot-tall frozen pole. That’s North Pole!

Lala’s (Austin)

Down your eggnog at this watering hole, while spacing out to blinking lights and dangling elves. Word of advice: If someone asks you to sit on his lap, make sure the beard’s real.

Santa Claus House (North Pole, Alaska)

Screw St. Nick out of prime real estate at the Claus House, where you can buy a square inch of an actual Alaskan city named North Pole.