More than 10,000 readers responded to our poll on declining movie attendance

By EW Staff
Updated May 09, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

What keeps you away from seeing a movie in theaters?

28% The quality of movies — most of them suck
22% The ticket price
11% People in theaters are rude and annoying
9% The DVD is out in a couple of months anyway — I can wait
3% I hate sitting through all those pre-movie ads
27% All of the above

Are you likely to see a highly anticipated movie (say, the new Star Wars) on opening weekend?

62% No — I can’t deal with the crowds
38% Yes — I don’t want to hear any spoilers before I see it

Can you imagine a time when you’d prefer seeing movies in your home?

51% Imagine it? I already do
25% No — I will always want to see movies at a theater
24% Yes — when I can afford a 45-inch flat screen with surround sound
51% Prefer seeing movies in their home