EW recommends Bjork, Meneguar, Mike Doughty, and the White Stripes

By EW Staff
May 09, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

BJÖRK‘S a cappella ”Who Is It” receives a buoyant electro makeover by French DJ Vitalic. Proceeds from sales of the remix go to War Child, which aids youths coping with the ravages of war. WARCHILDMUSIC.COM

Recalling Modest Mouse (minus the pretentious otherworldliness), Brooklyn’s MENEGUAR unleash a barrage of hooks and hollers on the cubicle-culture critique ”The Temp.” MAGICBULLETRECORDS.COM

MIKE DOUGHTY, former leader of white-boy hip-hop hybrid Soul Coughing and current Dave Matthews cohort, showcases his scruffy croon on the live version of Haughty Melodic‘s ”White Lexus.” MIKEDOUGHTY.COM

Asymmetrical hipster sweeps be damned! Letting loose the big hair (and shrill caterwaul), the WHITE STRIPES preview June’s Get Behind Me Satan with the Darkness-esque new single ”Blue Orchid.” ITUNES.COM