Soap follows up GLAAD award by outing gay killer. ''One Life to Live,'' recently honored by the gay civil rights group, will out a character next week who's killed twice to hide his homosexuality

One Life to Live

ABC’s One Life to Live, the only soap opera that currently features gay characters, is set to not only out another major character to its audience next week, but also reveal that the same character has committed murder — twice! — to keep his sexual orientation a secret.

District Attorney Daniel Colson (played by actor Mark Dobies for the last two years) is the killer in question. Colson, who recently married the much-beloved Nora Buchanan, has been busily pretending to search for the murderer of Paul Cramer (pretending because, well, he killed Cramer himself). When his adult son’s ex-girlfriend (stay with us?) discovers his secret, he ends up killing her too. His motives for the crimes will be revealed on Monday, when viewers will also learn that Colson’s extramarital lover is — dum, dum, DUM! — a man.

This murderous turn of events comes little more than a month after the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation honored the show for its ”fair, accurate and inclusive work in 2004” in handling other gay story lines. While GLAAD won’t comment on Colson’s rampage until it has seen the episodes, OLTL head writer Dena Higley knows that there will be some concerns about the portrayal of a homicidal gay character. ”Interesting characters sometimes do really really bad things,” she said. ”It?s just part of the spectrum… I?m hoping that people will stick with us long enough to see that there?s humanity and compassion and beauty in the story.” Stay tuned.

One Life to Live

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