''Kinsey,'' ''Six Feet Under'' nab GLAAD trophies. Liza Minnelli takes home an honorary award

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It may have been snubbed by Oscar, but Kinsey finally got its due Saturday when it was named best wide-release film at the 16th annual GLAAD Media Awards, which honor depictions of the lesbian, gay and transgender community. Bill Condon, the openly gay director-screenwriter of the film about the pioneering sex researcher, won the group’s Stephen F. Kolzak Award for combating homophobia.

Also at the ceremony, HBO’s Six Feet Under, which returns for its final season in June, won Outstanding Drama Series. The award for Outstanding Reality Series was a tie between Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The Real World: Philadelphia.

And as if she didn’t have enough love from her gay fans, Liza Minnelli picked up the group’s Vanguard Award for her years of promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. ”Love is the most cherished feeling we have,” Minnelli said in her acceptance speech. ”It’s unique to human beings, and if anyone thinks they can dismiss love through politics, they’re nuts.”


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