''American Idol'' finalists: Love 'em or hate 'em? We piece together arguments for and against each of the remaining singers, using your comments from the past few weeks
Bo Bice, Scott Savol, ...

”Idol” finalists: What EW.com readers think of them

On May 25, it’ll be the viewers who decide whether Anthony, Bo, Carrie, Scott, or Vonzell will become the fourth American Idol winner. So anyone who cares about the outcome better keep an ear open for public opinion.

That’s why we’ve sorted through our Idol boards to find comments from EW.com readers that sum up the pros and cons of A-Fed, Baby V, and the other three. Some of you have a zeal for your favorites that’d make Paula blush; others are so tough, you make Simon look like a pushover. Read on for the consensus we found among those divergent opinions.

Anthony Fedorov

EW.com readers on Anthony Fedorov’s ”Idol” chances

AGE 19

HOMETOWN Trevose, Pa.

CALL HIM The Comeback Kid

WHY HE’LL WIN… ”Vocally, Anthony blows everybody off the stage,” argues The Real Jack. That’s why fans can’t understand why Simon is so hard on him or why detractors call their man derivative. As Dave in Norfolk puts it, ”Anthony is always mentioned as Clay II or a Backstreet Boy-type. Wouldn’t it be so awful for him if he were as successful as those ‘untalented’ acts?”

…OR MAYBE NOT ”Anthony’s read on practically every song he sings is so middle-of-the-road that I can hardly stand it,” argues Scott. ”He has a good voice, but his phrasing is so awkward that everything just sounds plastic.” In other words, says MissyChrissy NY, Anthony ”sounds like a Disney singer. I can practically hear him crooning the Aladdin song.”

RANDOM THOUGHT ”I’d love to see Anthony and Carrie in a great movie together someday,” says Diane. ”They are the winners all round!” Hmm… Sounds like someone never saw From Justin to Kelly.

Bo Bice

Your thoughts on Bo Bice’s ”Idol” chances

AGE 29

HOMETOWN Helena, Ala.

CALL HIM The Natural

WHY HE’LL WIN… Members of the Bice Squad, as Bo’s EW.com fans like to call themselves, don’t seem to care that much if he wins Idol because, as Laura from the Bronx says, ”Bo is a true down-to-earth rock & roll star, and if he got voted off tonight he would still be famous tomorrow.” What makes him irresistible? As Bo rocks! puts it, ”He seems more like a guest star than a contestant… The ‘competition’ aspect of the show has been over for Bo for a long time now. He has a clear feel for what his fans like and want more of, and it’s just simply who he is.”

…OR MAYBE NOT Some of you fault Bo for a lack of versatility. ”He’s great, but it’s the same performance every week,” says Mary. An anonymous poster argues that the world would see Bo’s vocal shortcomings if he were forced to sing ”a real song with real words, and no screaming.” Others aren’t so fond of Bice’s presentation. ”He needs to learn to do something else with his hands other than baton-twirling with the mike stand,” says Diane. ”That’s not only annoying, it’s hilarious.”

RANDOM THOUGHT ”Is it wrong for a 44 year old woman to have the hots for Bo Bice?” asks Debbie. ”I swear, if I was younger I’d become a Bo groupie and follow him around.”

Carrie Underwood

Your thoughts on Carrie Underwood’s ”Idol” chances

AGE 21

HOMETOWN Checotah, Okla.

CALL HER The Farmer’s Daughter

WHY SHE’LL WIN… ”Carrie has it all,” writes Oklahoma Girl. ”She has a voice that explodes with beauty, she is sweet and humble, and I love the songs she picks.” Even people who find fault with Carrie want her to win, like Lilypad, who notes that she’s ”reminding me more and more of Jessica Brainless Simpson, but I love her anyway.” As for critics who say Simon goes easy on this season’s country diva, Simon Says echoes many of Carrie’s fans by noting, ”Simon would not hesitate to slam Carrie…if he felt it was justified. Carrie and Bo do not need as much criticism as the others because they are simply better artists.”

…OR MAYBE NOT ”Carrie is bad, not because of her voice, clothing choices, or song choices, but solely because she can’t communicate the soul and emotions of her songs,” writes Seriously. Exoterica, meanwhile, calls Simon’s pet ”stiff and uninspired,” and Hello to Everyone argues that her facial expression is as blank as the cows who comprised her audience at her Oklahoma farm. In other words, says MD, ”Carrie is not as good as you thought, Simon!” Take that!

RANDOM THOUGHT Still trying to make sense out of Carrie’s extreme lack of body moves, Shawn suggests, ”Maybe she’s from the Footloose town that doesn’t allow dancing.”

Scott Savol

Your thoughts on Scott Savol’s ”Idol” chances

AGE 28

HOMETOWN Shaker Heights, Ohio

CALL HIM The Spoiler

WHY HE’LL WIN… He doesn’t get much support on EW.com’s message boards, but Scott’s ”realness” is a big draw for his few remaining fans. ”Scott sang from his heart, and sang for the joy of it,” Dawn writes about Scott’s April 26 of rendition of ”Dance With My Father.” ”He is my Idol and I’ll keep voting for him, and keep showing support for him right along with the rest of Savol-ites.” Patty agrees, saying he’s ”the only contestant who is ‘keeping it real’… His song choices are clearly meaningful, and don’t preach the wrong message.” (Whatever that is.)

…OR MAYBE NOT Dozens and dozens of you have used the adjective ”horrible” to describe Scott’s singing. Other options include: ”pitiful” (Marco); ”awful” (Indiogirl); ”horrendous” (Carbon); and ”just plain embarrassing” (Temple). The glum Ohio native doesn’t rate much better in terms of personality. ”His body language is repugnant, as well as his attitude,” says D. Meanwhile, Babs contends that Savol ”has not shown any originality, has not taken any chances or pushed any envelopes with his song selection.”

RANDOM THOUGHT Here’s an alternate theory about Scott’s success, proposed by VFTW: ”Scott is still around because of votefortheworst.com” — a website that urges disgruntled Idol viewers to call in for the least talented singer. On second thought, do people really need a website to encourage them to vote for the worst singer?

Vonzell Solomon

Your thoughts on Vonzell Solomon’s ”Idol” chances

AGE 20

HOMETOWN Ft. Myers, Fla.

CALL HER Miss Congeniality

WHY SHE’LL WIN…”Vonzell is the woman to beat,” says BjN. ”She has great vocals, great personality and seems the most grounded.” Jackie agrees: ”Vonzell smokes everybody. To me and my family she is a triple threat. I love the sparkle in her eyes!” Other readers, like Delon, adore her sense of style, too: ”Vonzell is not only vocally superior and braver [than Carrie], but also has a much better sense of fashion, killer personality and drop-dead gorgeous looks.”

…OR MAYBE NOT ”Vonzell? Feh. She’s cute, but I am so over the Mariah-like melisma thing,” says 2livecru. Some of you are getting fed up with Baby V spouting eternal sunshine, too. As Peglegmonkey puts it, ”I like Vonzell, but she’s starting to annoy me… I don’t like how frequently she uses vibrato, she needs more straight notes. Most of all, her gushing, smiling, giggling personality is starting to get old. It’s like she’s on a permanent sugar high.”

RANDOM THOUGHT Has Vonzell been holding out on us? One reader thinks so. ”Baby V has only begun to show us her range and consistent ability to belt and hit ‘money’ notes,” writes Michele. ”We haven’t seen her best yet, and I have a feeling she’ll blow us die-hard Idol fans away in the next few weeks.”

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