''Locusts'' helps CBS swarm to weekly ratings victory.

By Gary Susman
April 26, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Locusts

It may have been supremely silly, but the made-for-TV disaster movie Locusts helped push CBS over the top for a Nielsen ratings victory. The swarm plagued the TV sets of 12.7 million viewers and was one of 10 CBS shows in the top 20. The week’s most-watched program, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, drew 27 million viewers, helping CBS muster an average of 12.5 million viewers for the week ending Sunday.

Fox tied CBS in the coveted 18-to-49 demographic, though it lagged in overall viewers (averaging 9.2 million). As always, its top shows were American Idol‘s Tuesday (No. 2, 24.1 million) and Wednesday episodes (No. 4 22.7 million), though numbers were off from their usual 25 million-plus. Where have you gone, Nadia Turner? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

ABC finished third, averaging 8.7 million. Desperate Housewives was, as usual, the network’s top show (No. 3, 23.9 million) — not bad for an episode that consisted entirely of old clips meant to get the uninitiated up to speed. NBC came in fourth with 8.4 million, but at least miniseries Revelations continued to do well, drawing 11.8 million (No. 20). So despite NBC’s otherwise poor ratings news, it wasn’t the end of the world.

Top show on UPN was WWE Smackdown! (5.3 million), compared to 4.8 million for Gilmore Girls, the WB’s best. Still, the WB did better overall for the week, averaging 3.3 million to UPN’s 3.2 million.

The Locusts

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