Ryan Cabrera will host dating show for MTV. On ''Score,'' two composers will vie for a date's affections by performing an original serenade
Ryan Cabrera
Credit: Ryan Cabrera: Chris Polk/AP

There’s no escaping from the family. In this case, it’s the Simpson family. Ryan Cabrera’s on-again, off-again relationship with Ashlee Simpson, as chronicled on her MTV reality show, may not have gone smoothly, but the singer-songwriter is still working for her dad. Joe Simpson, who produced both his daughters’ reality shows, is also producing a forthcoming MTV game show called Score, which Cabrera will host. The series will combine music and dating, with each episode pitting two amateur composers against each other as they try to impress both the audience and a potential date. Whoever writes and performs a more impressive serenade gets to go out with the chosen hottie, but both competitors will get their tunes posted at MTV.com as downloadable MP3s. Not sure what Cabrera gets, besides more MTV exposure. The network has ordered 20 episodes of the series, which debuts this fall.