The Innocent (Book - Harlan Coben)


Matt Hunter, the ordinary-guy hero of Harlan Coben’s busy new thriller, takes a phone call from his pregnant wife, Olivia, on his new videophone — and sees her in a platinum blond wig reclining on a bed with another man. Did Olivia place the call? If not, who did? And why? Meanwhile, homicide investigator Loren Muse looks into the mysterious death of a 62-year-old nun whose breast implants (discovered while the Mother Superior was giving her chest compressions) suggest she may have led a less-than-virtuous life. These two story lines — and multiple, sleazy subplots — grow sinister and begin to intertwine. The juicy The Innocent sprints along right up until Coben’s preposterous, sentimental fiasco of a finale.