EW talks to Herbie the love bug -- The bouncy VW tells us what he's been up to

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Before Colin Farrell, there was only one randy love bug in Hollywood: Herbie, the bouncy VW who starred in four Disney films. He fell on hard times in the mid-’80s, and his erratic behavior prevented him from starring in the newest installment. We met him in the parking lot of Humper’s, a last-exit dive in Culver City, Calif.

EW You haven’t done anything memorable since the ’80s. . .

H You’re telling me! I was having a lot of breakdowns back then; it’s a haze. Before this interview, I looked myself up on IMDb, and I was like, ”Wait, I did three episodes of Airwolf?”

EW I want to ask you about that James Brolin quote. . .

H [Slow, sighing honk] Fine, get it over with. . .

EW He told Esquire in 1989 that during an AAMCO commercial shoot, ”The only thing guaranteed to be tanked up on the set every day was Herbie.”

H Look, I’m not gonna apologize. You hire the star of Herbie Goes Bananas, guess what? I’m probably going to be going beeping bananas.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

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