Download This -- EW recommends songs by Amerie, New Order, Everything but the Girl, and Widespread Panic



If you remember just ”1 Thing” from our little download discussion, let it be that AMERIE‘s bouncy hit has been reworked to add Gwen Stefani pal Eve to the funky mix. Let it blow ya mind. NAPSTER.COM

They may be ”Waiting for the Siren’s Call,” but NEW ORDER definitely heard from their muse when they composed the sweeping, melancholy-streaked title track of their upcoming disc. NEWORDERONLINE.COM

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL‘s heavy-hearted ”Rollercoaster,” originally a lo-fi gem for feeling-mighty-low days, is a far darker, more mysterious ride on DJ King Britt’s moody remix. ITUNES.COM

To relive at home the jam-band experience of WIDESPREAD PANIC, go to LIVEWIDESPREADPANIC.COM, which features recordings of select shows on their current tour. Now all you need is a burrito booth.