Discover May's other movies -- Read about the summer's other releases, including ''Exorcist Dominion'' and the documentary ''Mad Hot Ballroom''

By EW Staff
April 25, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Not to be mistaken for Sean Connery’s 2003 stinker, Christopher Browne’s A League of Ordinary Gentlemen documents the revival of bowling. . .Accompanied by an immigrant pal (Bai Ling), the love child of a Vietnamese woman and an American GI (Nick Nolte) goes looking for his father in The Beautiful Country (moved to July). . .A group of NYC graffiti artists go up against the NYPD in Bomb the System. . .The lovely — and Danish! — Connie Nielsen makes her native-language debut in Brothers, a drama about two brothers torn apart by the Afghanistan war. . .A reality show goes horribly awry when viewers of an American Idol-type court show start voting to kill off defendants in Citizen Verdict. . .When land speculators repossess his Virginia farm, Nat Banks goes Crazy Like a Fox. . .A Miami reporter (John Leguizamo) tracks a serial killer to Ecuador in the Latin American thriller Crónicas (moved to July). . .Two stuntwomen prove men shouldn’t have all the fun, in the documentary Double Dare. . .Director Paul Schrader’s tentatively titled Exorcist Dominion is yet another prequel to William Friedkin’s 1973 chiller. . .Fighting Tommy Riley sees an aging trainer reluctantly take on a scruffy new student. . .A divorced couple reconnects against a backdrop of insanity and death in the tragicomedy Kings and Queen. . .Freud strikes again in Ma Màre, as Hélàne (Isabelle Huppert) embarks on a sizzling relationship with her teenage son Pierre in this NC-17-rated drama. . .An actor must convince his dying wife he’s still employed in a Yiddish production of The Merchant of Venice in Le Grand Role. . .Alien-obsessed teen Brian Lackey begins to suspect his ”abduction” as a child may have more sinister implications in Mysterious Skin. . .After his dad’s death, 10-year-old Paul tries to help his heroin-addicted mother and a fellow junkie (Keira Knightley) kick their habits in Pure. . .With the help of his priest (Campbell Scott), a 14-year-old boy trains for the Boston Marathon, hoping a miraculous win will save his dying mother’s life in Saint Ralph (moved to June). . .A pregnant widow (Joan Chen) and her lesbian daughter must find ways of Saving Face in their traditionalist Chinese neighborhood. . .When 17-year-old Claire discovers she’s pregnant, she finds solace sewing on Sequins for a haute couture designer in this high-fashion drama. . .After undergoing the equivalent of a ”Queer Eye for the Bi Guy” makeover, a Cuban director finds there may be more to life than his Prozac-addled girlfriend in Sex, Politics, and Cocktails. . .A documentary award winner at Sundance, Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire chronicles the U.N. peacekeeper’s tragic 1994 mission to Rwanda. . .Documentarian Mark Wexler, son of acclaimed cinematographer Haskell, turns his camera on his dad to Tell Them Who You Are. . .The awesomely named director Apichatpong Weerasethakul spices up Tropical Malady, a gay he said/he said fable (moved to June). . .Documentarian Pola Rapaport explores the fallout after mousy intellectual Dominique Aury fessed up to being the Writer of O, a 1954 S&M fantasy dirty enough to make the French blush. . .Finally, there’s Mad Hot Ballroom, a documentary about the dancing lives of 11-year-old New Yorkers — sort of a Shall We Dance? for the Spellbound set.