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Antonio Sabato Jr., Tim Meadows, and Jason London collide with gangsters, ninjas, and a motley collection of Anna Nicole Smith drag queens in Wasabi Tuna. . .God’s Sandbox follows an Israeli author as she tracks her runaway daughter to a desert hangout, where a Bedouin storyteller regales them with a culture-crossed love story. . .Kindhearted Antoine foils heartbroken Louis’ suicide attempt and tries to put his life back together in the screwball comedy Après Vous. . .Madame Defarge herself would approve of the brutal High Tension, in which a sadistic truck driver stalks two French college girls at their country house. . .Christian Slater and Selma Blair star in The Deal, a geopolitical thriller set in the near future about Middle East wars, corruption, and billion-dollar oil companies. . .Director François Ozon (Swimming Pool) echoes Eternal Sunshine in 5X2, a tale of a failed marriage that unfolds — or folds? — backward. . .Diana’s (Glenn Close) marriage is coming apart just as her daughter is reconsidering her own wedding in Merchant Ivory’s corsetless Heights. . .Mona and Tamsin are two very different young women drawn to each other in My Summer of Love, a BAFTA winner for Outstanding British Film…. Writer-director-costar Miranda July captures the idiosyncrasies of a dysfunctional family in the offbeat dramedy Me and You and Everyone We Know. . .When a Parisian transsexual prostitute visits her dying mother, she shows her Wild Side by bringing her Arab roommate and her new Russian boyfriend with her. . .Yes, Joan Allen finds herself entangled in an unhappy marriage, playing an American scientist who is married to a British politician (Sam Neill) but sleeping with a Lebanese cook. . .Randy Quaid, Bruce Dern, and Josh Brolin bundle up for the con-man comedy Milwaukee, Minnesota. . .Tony Takitani tells the tale of a man whose first name has stunted his social development (moved to July). . .The story of a Belgian ex-con with a kung-fu obsession and a platinum-blond hooker, Steve + Sky is a true romance, Tarantino style (moved to August). . .The Last Mogul documents the life of Lew Wasserman, who rose from the streets of Cleveland to become the Hollywood power broker. . .When his car breaks down in the south of France, a lounge singer is forced to stay with a deranged innkeeper in The Ordeal (Calvaire). . .In The Great Water, a newcomer in a prison-like orphanage gives a boy hope in post-WWII Communist Yugoslavia. Call it The Sarajevo Redemption.