Discover August's other movies -- Read about the summer's other releases, including ''Valiant'' and ''Must Love Dogs''


After her family secretly takes out a personal for her requiring that suitors Must Love Dogs, Diane Lane scrambles to find a pooch. With a little help from her brother’s pet, she sets out to woo canine-lover John Cusack (moved to July). . .In Secuestro Express, a young couple’s night out on the town takes a frightening detour through the dark underworld of Caracas. . .After being outed and then ousted from his bigoted team, a local soccer star assembles his own all-gay squad to contest his former club in the German comedy Guys and Balls. . .Ricky Gervais as the voice of a duty-shirking pigeon? That’s enough to make us curious about Valiant, a British-produced CG cartoon from Disney about a WWII bird squad fighting Nazi falcons (with Tim Curry as the chief baddie). . .Michael Showalter (Wet Hot American Summer) plays The Baxter, a nice guy struggling to hold on to his fiancée when her hunky ex returns to town. . .A trio of prep school girls (led by Evan Rachel Wood) flaunt their Pretty Persuasion skills, framing a teacher (Ron Livingston) for sexual harassment. . .Writer-director John Turturro’s quirky musical Romance & Cigarettes finds folks like Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, James Gandolfini, and Christopher Walken in this tale of a loutish adulterer forced to face the music. . .The latest martial-arts import displays all the requisite features: sumptuous photography, high-flying theatrics, House of Flying Daggers‘ Zhang Ziyi, and a fantastical kingdom full of Zu Warriors (moved to Sept.)…. Things get all HellBent when four men fight for their lives at a West Hollywood Halloween carnival in the first-ever gay slasher movie (moved to Sept.). . .A woman (Natasha Richardson) falls for a sculptor — dreamy, no? Too bad the woman is married to a doctor at the Asylum where said sculptor is incarcerated for murder. . .Doc maker Thomas Riedelsheimer (Rivers and Tides) tracks the travels of Evelyn Glennie, a renowned solo percussionist who’s been deaf since age 8, in Touch the Sound. . .Robert Stadlober scored Best Leading Actor at the 2001 Montreal Film Festival for his portrayal of Tobi, a young man confronting his sexuality against the backdrop of a German rowing competition in Summer Storm. . .A high school student learns not to Cry Wolf in this loose update of the lupine liar fable. . .The horror flick Backwater finds a bunch of teens — including Bijou Phillips and Jonathan Jackson — fleeing the wrath of a voodoo demon in the Louisiana bayou. . .Suicide, kidnapping, deficient parenting, massive pill popping, and something called the Chumscrubber — yep, everything’s peachy in the California suburbs in this Donnie Darko-ish tale, featuring Jamie Bell, Rory Culkin, Ralph Fiennes, and Glenn Close. . .A cosmo art dealer sends her Southern in-laws on the skids when she drops by for a visit in Junebug. . .Doug Bruce becomes an Unknown White Male when he awakes in Coney Island with no recollection of his life in this doc. . .The French import Games of Love and Chance finds a teen joining his high school play to get some quality time with his thespian crush. . .A frisky Aussie teen realizes the difference between genuine affection and more casual relations in Somersault. . .Two brothers Supercross the globe duking it out on the international motorcycle race circuit. . .Dorian Blues struggles with his sexuality and his incredibly conservative family in this coming-of-age indie comedy. . .Ashlee Simpson plays an aspiring actress lending a hot helping hand to an Undiscovered musician. . .Wong Kar Wai’s long-awaited 2046 features Tony Leung as a novelist from some distant future mulling over the stunted romance of In the Mood for Love.