Burnett plans reality version of ''Touched by an Angel.'' The ''Survivor'' and ''Apprentice'' producer will play good samaritan, and he may even get Roma Downey and Della Reese involved

By Gary Susman
Updated April 25, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Maybe you already thought Mark Burnett was a good samaritan, offering hopelessly inept wannabe tycoons a shot at corporate employment via The Apprentice, or giving a certain ex-convict with a knack for crafts and cooking a chance to get her life back together by producing two TV shows for her. But that’s not enough for the reality guru, who’s pitching to the networks a reality version of Touched by an Angel.

Tentatively titled Giving Hope, the series would be about providing life-changing assistance to people in need, and not just via extreme home makeovers. ”It’s an unscripted show that will be about bringing hope to people,” Burnett told the Hollywood Reporter. ”It will be about people in Kansas who have lost their farm and helping get them back on their feet. We might profile people under a mountain of medical bills and finding ways to get them out from under it. That’s what we’ll be looking at — providing hope and changing lives.”

Given the Touched by an Angel model, Burnett says he’s even mulling the possibility of involving Angel alumnae Roma Downey (who is also Burnett’s girlfriend) and Della Reese. Given how little we’ve seen of those actresses since their CBS drama went off the air, they may be the neediest beneficiaries of Burnett’s largesse.