Cillian Murphy, Rachel McAdams, ...
Credit: Red Eye: Gemma La Mana

With Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream still dominating his CV, Wes Craven is branching out, steering away from the slasher films that made him famous. (No wonder he always looks so cranky on the newly horror-centric Project Greenlight.) To wit, his first straight-up thriller concerns a young woman (The Notebook‘s Rachel McAdams) who’s kidnapped on a plane flight and made an unwitting accomplice to her nefarious captor (28 Days Later‘s Cillian Murphy). Craven ”obviously knows better than anybody how to shoot and edit suspense,” says Murphy, who also plays a villain in June’s Batman Begins. ”He knows the language of this territory so well.”

And horror seems to follow Craven everywhere. Take one day on the film’s L.A. set last winter. During a scene where Murphy was chasing McAdams around a house, the actress launched herself full speed into a swinging kitchen door?that failed to swing open. It was an honest foul-up caused by a pesky bunch of carpet, but one that still resulted in some bumps and bruises. ”It worked for the part because I’m supposed to be pretty beat up at that point, anyway,” says McAdams, who briefly went down for the count but is all better now. And it gave the actress (also appearing in July’s Wedding Crashers) a nice memento. ”I have a permanent indent,” she says of her forehead. ”It’s my souvenir from Red Eye.”

Red Eye
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  • 85 minutes