Ryan Phillippe, Crash (Movie - 2005)
Credit: Crash: Lorey Sebastian

When is getting carjacked a good thing? If you’re veteran writer Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby), it’s when that experience winds up fictionalized in your feature directorial debut. Some 15 years ago, Haggis and his wife had their car stolen at gunpoint — but not before the thieves also made off with their Blockbuster video rental. ”It was a Norwegian film about fishermen,” Haggis laughs. Which got him thinking about what his adversaries must have thought of him: ”It’s a Saturday night, he’s got a hot woman on his arm…. He’s going to watch a video about Norwegian fishermen? What is wrong with white people?!” Stemming in part from that ordeal, Crash is a tragicomic multicharacter study of L.A. race relations, with a heavyweight cast fronted by Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Ryan Phillippe, Brendan Fraser, and Ludacris.

Crash (Movie - 2005)
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  • 107 minutes