The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3-D
Credit: The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl: Rico Torres

When Dimension Films asked Robert Rodriguez for more 3-D after Spy Kids 3-D saw blockbuster green, the director found himself out of ideas. Then his 6-year-old son, Racer, came to the rescue. The result: The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D, in theaters June 10. We asked Rodriguez and his coolest-name-in-showbiz kid to discuss their collaboration.

EW How did you come up with this, Racer?
RACER We first came up with Shark Boy and Lava Girl when we were swimming.
ROBERT I would play the Jaws soundtrack and play shark with my sons. Racer would jump in and say, ”I’ll be shark boy!” One day, I was tired, didn’t want to play, but didn’t want to discourage his creativity, either. So we sat down and drew Shark Boy. We needed a girl character, so I asked him: ”What else do we love?”

EW Why is Racer’s credit ”based on the stories and dreams of Racer Max Rodriguez”?
ROBERT One day, I was asking the kids what they dreamed about the previous night. [To Racer] What did you say?
ROBERT So there’s a scene where they go to the Land of Milk and Cookies. Then I thought they should go to a cool planet. I had just introduced him to drooling — like, when you like something, you drool? So we thought —
RACER Planet Drool.

EW What’s next for Rodriguez Family Films?
ROBERT Our own version of The Little Rascals, called Shorts. A bunch of short-film films.
RACER One is going to be about a booger monster.
ROBERT Kid flicks a booger on his dad’s science experiment. Grows into a monster. [Laughs] I love my kids.

The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3-D

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  • 92 minutes
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