Kutcher: I'll model undies if my movie is No. 1. If this week's ''A Lot Like Love'' tops the box office, he'll campaign in his briefs for Calvin Klein

By Gary Susman
April 20, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Want to see Ashton Kutcher undressed? Buy a ticket to his movie A Lot Like Love when it opens this weekend. Not just because it contains a Kutcher almost-nude scene, but also because, if the Kutcher-Amanda Peet romantic comedy tops the box office, he’s vowed to model Calvin Klein underwear.

Yeah, it sounds like a Punk’d stunt, but actually, it’s the payoff of a bet Kutcher made with his producing partner, he told Access Hollywood. ”If we are the No. 1 movie in America, I will do a Calvin Klein underwear campaign,” said the actor, who has modeled on Klein’s catwalk before.

Kutcher’s chief competition this weekend among new releases will be Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn in the thriller The Interpreter. Fortunately for Penn, he will probably not have to offer to strip to his skivvies in order to outdo Kutcher at the box office.

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