By Ari Karpel
Updated March 17, 2020 at 02:40 AM EDT
Dynasty, The Four Feathers: Everett Collection

The Dynasty we know and love — the one with the weekly catfights and the occasional wedding massacre — didn’t actually start until season 2. In fact, ABC’s desperate answer to CBS’ powerhouse prime-time soap Dallas began more as an Upstairs, Downstairs for the shoulder-pad set. In Dynasty: The Complete First Season, oil magnate Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) is marrying beneath him, his daughter’s sneaking around with the chauffeur, and his butler’s secretly threatening the bride. Ultimately, viewers cared more for over-the-top glamour than class conscience. But season 1 isn’t all vamping for Alexis’ arrival (and quelle arrivée!). There’s juicy family melodrama, homosexual intrigue…and murderous rage!

EXTRAS Interviews with only two supporting actors, Pamela Sue Martin and Al Corley (Fallon and Steven Carrington). In her commentary, cocreator Esther Shapiro rambles on for five episodes about the ”subtext” of each performance and her ambitions for the series. Maybe on season 2 she’ll tell us what we really want to know about: the behind-the-scenes catfights!