Martha Stewart gets her own satellite radio channel. She and her staff will dispense tips 24/7 on Sirius

By Gary Susman
April 18, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sirius satellite radio has turned over channels to Eminem and (starting next January) Howard Stern, but it’s not going to be an all-testosterone subscription service for long. On Monday, Martha Stewart announced that she’s joining the Sirius lineup. On her channel, Stewart and her staff will dispense homemaking tips 24 hours a day. The channel will launch this fall, after Stewart’s house arrest sentence ends.

The four-year deal, which includes the sharing of advertising revenue with Sirius, will be worth $30 million to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, MSLO Vice Chairman Charles Koppelman told Reuters. Both the Associated Press and Reuters reported that Stewart shopped her idea for a channel to Sirius’ rival, XM, but was turned down; XM spokesperson Chance Patterson said that his outlet might have licensed a Stewart series but didn’t think an all-Martha channel would generate enough ad revenue to sustain itself. Still, $30 million sounds like a bargain compared to the five-year, $500 million deal Sirius signed with Stern last year.

It’s not clear how much time Stewart herself will spend on the air. Not only is she busy with several other media ventures (including her upcoming syndicated daytime TV show and her primetime spinoff of The Apprentice), but she also has never done a radio broadcast that lasted more than 90 seconds (her syndicated ”Ask Martha” spots, which she used to tape 10 at a time every two weeks). Still, she said at Monday’s press conference in Manhattan, ”Of all the things that I have done in the last few years with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, radio is actually one of the most enjoyable.” Besides she added, to do radio, she won’t have to dress up or put on makeup.