EW takes a look at the perks of being a star. From Nicole Kidman to Kiefer Sutherland, how the celebs rank when it comes to their dressing room on wheels

By Lynette Rice and Allison Hope Weiner
April 15, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
Brad Pitt: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Private jets and stretch Hummers are nice, but on movie or TV sets there’s only one true symbol of a star’s status: the size of the trailer. Here’s how some of these mobile mansions rank in order of fabulousness.

Star Waggons’ Supreme
The Queen Mary of trailers, this 43-footer is so luxe its use is discouraged by some studios because of the envy issues it raises among cast members (but stars like Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell still get to use them). Among its amenities: a full kitchen with Corian counters and hardwood floors, a bedroom big enough for a queen-size mattress, a living-room area with built-in recliner chairs, a 42-inch plasma screen with surround sound, and three slide-out sections. The awning is optional. Estimated rental: $1,500?2,000 per week.

Star Waggons’ Megastar
This older, tri-level 40-footer was Brad Pitt’s home away from home while filming Fight Club, but isn’t used very much anymore, at least not by truly A-list Waggoners. It’s appointments were top-of-the-line in its day, though: a sofa bed, wardrobe closet, separate living room, flat-screen TV, and full-size shower. Estimated rental: $1,200?1,500 per week.

The Airstream
Not all that big — between 16 and 34 feet — but oh-so-sleek and trendy. These retro silver-sided trailers (most privately owned, by folks like Francis Coppola, Mark Harmon, and Jorja Fox) can have skylights, 15-inch flat-screen TVs, and eco-friendly solar-powered appliances. Estimated rental: $500 per week; to buy: $33,000?83,000.