Fred Durst pitches reality/talk show. ''My Life with Fred Durst'' would show the Limp Bizkit frontman interviewing and hanging out with celebrities

By Gary Susman
April 14, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
Fred Durst: Kevin Parry/WireImage

You’d think, after his recent Internet sex scandal, that the last place Fred Durst would want to be is in front of a video camera. Nonetheless, Variety reports, the Limp Bizkit frontman is shopping to TV outlets a reality series where he’d interview and hang out with celebrities. Called My Life with Fred Durst, the one-hour show would mix star chatter with slice-of-life scenes of Durst as a father, businessman, and musician, according to producers Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment. (That’s the firm behind the upcoming how-to-be-a-socialite reality show starring Paris Hilton’s mom, Kathy.)

”I just want to have a spontaneous platform to have good conversations with people, who aren’t necessarily on the show to sell a movie or product,” Durst told Variety. ”I’m not interested in being controversial and pushing envelopes.”

Fans who can’t wait to catch Durst on TV should watch upcoming episodes of NBC’s miniseries Revelations. On the April 20 show, Durst makes his acting debut as a Satanist who kidnaps the son of hero Bill Pullman. Meanwhile, he’s also working on his day job, putting the finishing touches on The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1), the first Limp Bizkit album since guitarist Wes Borland return to the fold.