''Say Anything'''s Ione Skye makes a comeback -- Defunct '80s movie star jumps back on-screen in the April 3 episode of ''Arrested Development''

By Jeff Labrecque
Updated April 11, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Yes, that was Say Anything. . .’s Ione Skye grinding against Jason Bateman and pleading with him to show her some ”secular love” on the April 3 episode of Fox’s Arrested Development. And that’s her keeping it real as the sensible one in Drew Barrymore’s Fever Pitch posse. ”This is my year of jumping back into studio stuff,” says Skye, 33. ”When I wanted to come back to [acting], I wasn’t in the position I was in in 1987, so I kind of did a lot of crap.” Might her return to quality work include a follow-up engagement on Development? ”David Cross said, ‘You might come back. It’s a 50-50 chance,”’ says Skye. ”I was like, ‘Omigod, don’t say that.’ Now I’m going to hope and cross my fingers. I would love it.”