Multiple special editions anger DVD fans -- Here's our plea to studios to stop releasing more expensive versions of the same films

Multiple special editions anger DVD fans

Beware the ”deluxe” DVD. Distributors are all too aware of our weakness for any package that alleges it’s ”special.” For many discs, the only features being ”extended” are studios’ profits. Take Miss Congeniality: Limited Deluxe Edition, timed to its sequel’s theatrical release in March. Other than an added faux-Cosmo quiz and a few deleted scenes (oh, and a free coupon to see MC2), this version is a replica of the 2001 edition but costs $15 more. Similarly, The Bourne Identity: Explosive Extended Edition hit stores when The Bourne Supremacy detonated in theaters, merely replacing Doug Liman’s commentary from the original DVD with filler featurettes (and a ticket coupon). Other times, as with Rushmore, a bare-bones disc goes on sale first, only to be followed by a chock-full special edition months later. Would that more distributors would follow the example of Universal, which was straightforward enough to release two versions of E.T. on the same day, giving buyers up-front options. Cut the fat: Just tell us we’re throwing down $25 extra for the ”Super Swell Dynamite Edition” that really amounts to a $10 ticket coupon. And how about paying for popcorn, too? That kinda fat we like.