EW remembers Mitch Hedberg -- Here's what the entertainment world will miss most about him


With his staccato stoner delivery and surreal musings on everyday objects from fish sticks to crazy straws, comedian Mitch Hedberg, who was found dead in a New Jersey hotel room on March 30 at age 37, reportedly of heart failure, was an inspired mix of Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright, and Jeff Spicoli. The St. Paul-born Hedberg had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse while amassing a dedicated following who repeated his pithy, head-trippy one-liners — ”I love an escalator because it can never break. It can only become stairs” — like they were rock lyrics. And he performed like a rock star, bangs hanging over his shades, face cast down on his mike: Perhaps this was a lasting side effect of his early stage fright — or a sign of unwavering focus on his craft. ”He will be sorely missed by his many fans, of which I am proud to say I am one,” says Dave Attell. ”F—, yes, stand-up for life,” Hedberg once said. Sadly, his ended too soon.