You’re not required to be a fan of either the Dandy Warhols or the Brian Jonestown Massacre to be overwhelmingly absorbed by Ondi Timoner’s incisive rock doc. Timoner followed the two bands over seven years as they turned from best friends to bitter rivals in this tragicomic look into both the struggle for stardom and the link between brilliance and breakdown.

EXTRAS While the BJM’s playful commentary sounds like a bunch of pals hanging out over home videos, the Warhols have less to say, which can be forgiven since the lead Dandy, Courtney Taylor, also serves as the doc’s narrator. Meanwhile, the director and producers’track is saved from total lethargy by their behind-the-scenes drug and sex stories (also remarkable is their patience, if not affection, for such silly and self-destructive subjects). Two hours of performances and out-takes, plus a look at DIG!‘s Sundance success, complete this amazingly all-access two-disc trip.

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