''Different World'' gets its DVD release in 2006 -- Fans of the ''Cosby Show'' spinoff will finally be rewarded with the complete first season next January

July 1993 might have seemed like the end of the World. But now, the students of Hillman College will finally graduate to DVD: Production company Carsey-Werner will show its school spirit with a January 2006 release of season 1. Originally a ”Cosby goes to college” vehicle, A Different World became a different (read: better) show once Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet left and Debbie Allen stepped behind the camera. Run-of-the-mill high jinks gave way to socially conscious situations; an AIDS-themed episode earned high marks, with guest star Whoopi Goldberg scoring an Emmy nod. Meanwhile, the hardworking ensemble managed to keep the laughs on track. DVD extras will be included, promises spokesperson James Anderson, though they’re still being ironed out. Might we suggest a snappy commentary from wannabe lothario Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison) and his Southern belle, Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy)?

A Different World
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